Medical Insurance Specialists

Our advice at no cost to you, we can get the best price that best suits your needs .

Health Insurances
You and your family deserve the best health insurance. We can help you with total transparency and Independence of the health isnurance that best suits to your needs.
Dental Insurance
Choose freely between specialists in dentistry and oral radiology throughout the national territory. Take advantage of special prices for any dental benefits.
Personal Insurances
We can report on all types of life insurance, accidents, deaths, grant and savings. Clearly explaining the coverage, limitations, exclusión and others.

"Hire your insurance through a single dedicated broker will only bring advantages"

In asistenbrok, we offer the best service and personalized treatment.

This is almost everything we do for you.

We Find the insurance that best suits your needs.

We advise you with absolute independence.

We will simplify your selection preparing comparable data and information.

We get the best deal at the best price and that could benefit from negotiated special rates exclusively for our customers.

We will explain  in detail the most important aspects of the contract (coverage, limitations, exclusions, deficiencies, others).

We will make large the fine print of your contract for you.

We handle any documents you need (authorizations, refunds, duplicates, inclusions and other)
We will defend  defend your interests by monitoring the correct application of the clauses.

We will inform you  of any changes in warranties and / or coverage affecting your policy.

Work with all Insurance allows us to have the greatest range of possible deals.

asistenbrok is located in:

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08022 Barcelona

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